"​Such a great photographer! She was running a little late but contacted us immediately and let us shoot over the time we paid for to compensate. She was extremely helpful during the shoot, suggesting poses and locations when we weren't sure what to do next. She was also very nice and talked to us during the shoot 🙂 To top it off, it only took 2 weeks to get the photos back versus a month like we've had with other photographers!"
"​Milky Kitty is an amazing photographer! I booked her for my Junko Enoshima shoot because I wanted to try someone new, and I was not disappointed! She had spent time researching the character, so she knew what would look good for her, had great locations on site to shoot at, and kept it so entertaining the entire shoot! And her photo edits are amazing! Not too overdone, but just enough that makes each photo look perfect. Please consider shooting with her if you are able, she's absolutely outstanding!"
"Milky Kitty is such an amazing photographer! We took group photos with her at A-Kon for our dance group Hanran Hime and they turned out amazing. She takes the time to make sure she gets the right angles and everything. We definitely want to shoot with her in the future! If you haven't already, we recommend booking with Milky Kitty. She's so sweet and you won't regret it~"
"AMAZING !!! Milky Kitty is so so so sweet and helpful! :0 it was my first “official” photoshoot and i was pretty nervous but i had a fantastic time and the photos turned out PERFECT!! definitely want to do more shoots with her in the future. She also kept in touch with me before to shoot and was quick to respond! Love her so much, would 10/10 recommend"
"Miss Milky Kitty was one of my first cosplay photographers to work with at Project Akon 2018. She was very patient waiting for me and arrived thoroughly on time for the photoshoot as scheduled. Her pricing packages and photo back distributions is outstanding, which means she gives me quite a lot of photos in a reasonable time frame! She does keep up with the clients prior to the time of scheduled photoshoots, so please don't bail....it is so worth working with her! I will not hesitate to work with her in the future! :D"